not that i use this much any more

Come and play games with walter and friends. Board games, Card games,
Party games what ever. ^_^ Kid friendly if needed. I have some game
but feel free to bring your own. If all goes well then i hope to make
it a monthly thing.

Thursday 4-25-13
6pm to 10pm
1402 ne 154th st shoreline wa 98155

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yes i live. things go for me. i still poke in here every so offten but do spend more time at facebook.

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40k death


so i have want of a new tattoo. but right now all my moneys goes to my bills. paying twice the rent i use to sucks. any ways i have a Paypal account that people can donate to the get walter a new tattoo fund. the account is under
i'll get a pick up of what i want soon. but it should be something like this. on my right shoulder.
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